A New Theme In Town


What food speaks to you? everyone has their favorite cuisine….but for me, its a very complicated question.

I get asked what my favorite meal or cuisine is and while I can tell you right off the bat whats my favorite meal (the veal shoulder with red peppercorn cooked by Alfredo Russo), I can’t really get my head around what my favorite cuisine is……I often find myself cooking French or Italian, going out to eat Indian, Chinese or Nepalese…..so I really can’t tell.

One thing is certain though…….I sometimes have cravings for spicy food, and when I talk spicy…im thinking more like nuclear grade material going into the food. Naturally I then have to find an Indian restaurant and ask them for the spiciest thing on the menu.

Now, this creates a little issue. My partner is the opposite, what she considers spicy is usually on the lemon&herb scale for me…. The Best Western gave us a very good option! usually hotels cater their Indian food to accommodate the non spicer’s but have enough dishes to keep me satisfied, so when they announced the Indian theme night, I was happy!


We started with the chef explaining pani puri to us, and i was very excited! earlier this year I had gone to Chennai in India, and that was one of my favorite things to eat there!

I wasn’t disappointed…apart from it being very tasty, you could also individualize your own mix to suit your palate! Definitely a good start!

DSC_4843 DSC_4845DSC_4849

The salads were up next accompanied with a mango lassi……I loved the lassi, im a big fan of mangos and that was great!

The salad was as spicy as I would like it and the presentation was nice……there were also non spicy salads and they were great!


Now for the mains……well thats where we had the splits…

The presentation was good and the varieties were good………the vegetarian options were good, especially the paneer which was really flavoursome!
the daal was nice with the papadums and the bread was fresh.

The issue came with the meats, they just didn’t cut it.
They lacked flavor and felt very masked……The fish was a little too oily and the meat was a little chewy.
I spoke to the chef and it is their first Indian theme night so as they are working out their formula. I could see this working well in the future, but it was a miss for this time.

DSC_4855 DSC_4862


The deserts were really amazing!!

The gulab jamun was AMAZING but nothing compared to the ras malai….by far my favorite dish of the meal!!!
I wasn’t expecting this after the mains…….I was so surprised and delighted that I only took one photo.


Verdict? While I enjoyed the salads and deserts, the mains could get some work.
The ambiance was nice and the wait staff were very friendly and interesting! they brought their own personalities…..I would gladly go there again, im sure with the effort they are putting they will be a new great spot for foodies! if nothing…im gonna go there for the pani puri and ras malai!


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