When I started photography, I actually didn’t know any technical things……it was just a hit and miss sort of thing, actually back then I was using my film camera so I didn’t even know what I had done till I actually developed the film!
One thing that I didn’t know, was that I was mostly doing macro shots! I didn’t know how or why, but I got my close up filter and looked for flowers and insects to shoot! Actually, I blogged about my first shoot and one of my favorite shots here.

My love for macro photography is still a big part of my love of photography, but now I ended up exploring a few different aspects…..water drops!

Bader Warhol

DSC_1843 andy warholeThis was one of the first times that I ever took photos of water, I was going around the family farm after my return from Antarctica, and I was absolutely re-inspired by nature… I saw many things that I would have typically took photos of but a man made waterfall had a beautiful effect to it caught my eye. I saw the waterfall differently, I saw a black background and colorful water. The initial shot looked nothing like this but 18 hours on photoshop I got the photo I wanted! (I didn’t have the skills I do now).
I then decided to change up the colors in the Andy Warhol style! of giving multiple shades to the same person, and I loved the result! Actually if you go through my photography website you will see a nice little effect that I did that combines the four images 🙂

A Water Drop Universe


Sometimes as a photographer I see things that I feel are unique…I see the world in ways that only photographers do, and while on a trip to Salalah, I walked around with my colleague from work to a gorgeous spot, I was busy taking photos of the centipedes and the mist filled mountains when I noticed a spider running away from the mist….that spider laid its web between two leafs and with that mist, I saw something resembling a universe. This shot is one that I am deeply proud of, and every time I look at it, I think of how amazing our universe is!

Well that’s it for this tale of photos, but writing this really got me to see that I should definitely try to get some more water drop shots!

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