Oman’s Iron Chef BBQ edition…..and how I wasn’t even close!


Its not a secret that I enjoy food….Apart from being a food photographer / Blogger, I always enjoy a nice meal at home or out!
I didn’t start cooking myself till I went to university in Australia. The first attempts were.. well lets just say ..umm well they weren’t good. That was very ironic as before I wanted to study at uni, I wanted to be a chef! Thankfully since then, I took may classes and experimented….now I really enjoy cooking and at camping trips and bbq, i’m always the one behind the grill.

When A’saffa Foods announced that they will be doing a bbq competition, I thought: Hey, why not! lets be on the other side for once! whats the worst that could happen?20150313_154003

Weellllllll……..lets just say I was not prepared for this kind of competition! the people there had amazingly complicated marinades, some serious gear and a great spirit to go along!
FatSu A'Saffa chicken BBQ challenge Muscat

I wanted to do my simple but tasty yogurt, lime and coriander marinade.


The other teams livened up the spirit! the teams and their families created such a fun experience and the entertainment on stage kept the young ones entertained!
(Me with Maurizio from Oman Collective Intelligence)IMG-20150322-WA0000

The awesome chef Issa Al Lamki was the judge of the competition and although he wasn’t impressed with the simplicity of the dish, he did say that he was loved how it was cooked very well and how the chicken was tender….There’s some hope left for next year!!
(pic taken from Susan from HeyFatsu)

FatSu with Chef Issa

So lesson learned! next time they have this, ill bring my ace game….maybe even take a class or two at NHI!

IMG-20150322-WA0002     FatSu A'Saffa chicken BBQ challenge grill      20150313_161607