First Post! Sands of Summer


Well…….its been a crazy year for me with so many things happening, I started blogging with the Freezing Omanis page and it was a great start! but now I feel that I need a new outlet….the current and future Freezing Omanis should carry that torch, its their story now 🙂

For my life now…..well, its so different from what it was a year ago! im much more addicted to the outdoors and well……..why not start my first post with that?

I just got my new 4×4 so I thought, why not break it in with a camping trip in the desert! its the last bit of the season before the desert turns to a open space oven!!!

We gathered and left off…not many of us, just the 3 cars……but the second we got to the sands we had some real fun!!!


We set up the camp and it was nice, a bit warm so it was lazy to start with but once the sun got down the view got amazing!

DSC_3967 DSC_3966

The main reason why I love camping an the outdoors is the night sky…..the stars and the quiet isolation is just so calming! its always essential for me to get out and wind down and what better way than being disconnected while looking at an amazing campsite with a bunch of great friends!

DSC_3978 DSC_3990

The food and company were great but that view of the sands and the stars is amazing…..I don’t like to camp at campsites or anywhere near them for that reason, the light there just takes away from what you can see! …..well…..writing this makes me want to go back!

I even set up my sleeping bag on the car roof and slept under the stars, that’s the look I got from Breki in the morning….the “dude ur mad” look

DSC_4006 DSC_3993

Alas…..back to reality, but we had the best person to give us the desert send off! …..camel selfie anyone?


On our way back we found a man selling honey and fruit on the way…..the freshest things you could find!

DSC_4147 DSC_4150

It was just a simple weekend getaway and this is the perfect way to figure out how i’m going to start writing this blog 🙂