A Blast From the Antarctic Past


So this time two years ago, I was overwhelmed with excitement as I was about to set foot on the last spot before I checked visiting every continent! Antarctica was a long time in the making and I wrote and rewrote this post so many times that in the end, I couldn’t make this readable without it being a book!!

So I thought, what can I do to commemorate two years since I had the most life changing experience iv had? and then I thought….well I blogged about it before on my other blog and I wrote a journal that no one ever read! so why not take you guys (and myself) into my frame of mind of two years ago! ….please be nice, I was writing while I was really really cold!
(ps. slightly edited to include my personal journal)
Freezing Omanis - Getting into the Spirit 1

“Today, months after being selected for the 2041 Antarctic Youth Ambassador Program, I have landed in Antarctica. The first place I landed in is Mikkleson harbour on the Antarctic Peninsula.

The journey took me all the way across the world; from Muscat to Brazil to the city of Ushuaia in Argentina. In Argentina me and my team climbed to the top of a glacier and trekked through the national forest to prepare ourselves for the journey ahead, and this was all within moments of meeting them! the bond between us was forged instantly as if we had known each other for years…but then, they are the only people who get how much work it took to get here!

Freezing Omanis - Mt. Martial Glacier 2Freezing Omanis - Mt. Martial Glacier 3
Freezing Omanis - Ushuaia national forest 4
On the 3rd of March, the ‘Sea Spirit’ left Ushuaia heading south to the Antarctic Peninsula. The journey would take two days through the roughest waterway in the world; ‘The Drake Passage’….it’s here where I forged a strong bond with a few of the ‘tough’ ones that didn’t get seasick….after all, there were just a few of us that were enjoying the two day roller coaster ride rather than feel sick! I don’t even know how i’m able to write! god help me when I try to read this in the future (bwaha past me! I was able to read after consulting a cryptographer)
Freezing Omanis - Antarctica 6

Freezing Omanis - Antarctica 1

After two and a half days at sea, the Antarctic icebergs showed themselves shortly followed by land. Seeing those icebergs was something magical, everyone on the boat just ran to see them, it was a moment of awe where everyone was out of words, even the people who were laid up in bed with seasickness two hours before. I can’t describe it…the whole journey since I got to Argentina felt unreal, and i’m not exaggerating… my sight and senses don’t feel real, but seeing those icebergs was a hammer to the senses, it feels real and unreal at the same time and I’ve never felt so excited or so inspired… this is all by seeing a piece of floating ice…I already feel that this will be an emotional roller coaster.

Freezing Omanis - Antarctica 1 DSC_0309

I’ve never felt so excited, I was on the second Zodiac heading to the historic Nickleson harbor to learn about the area and rest for a few hours before trekking and listening to scientists as well as environmental specialists to develop my campaign for when I come back to the Sultanate. More so….this will be the moment it will happen, months of training and fundraising will be for this….I don’t even know what to write, I just feel very proud that I have my flag with me and a photo of my grandfather in my pocket.

Freezing Omanis - Antarctica 2Freezing Omanis - Antarctica 3
Tomorrow (the 6th) the ‘Sea Spirit’ will cross the Lemaire Channel and I will be spend the night on the ice….I can’t wait to see the stars, iv never seen anything like this sky before so seeing it from a completely remote place is beyond my imagination….for now..

First Post! Sands of Summer


Well…….its been a crazy year for me with so many things happening, I started blogging with the Freezing Omanis page and it was a great start! but now I feel that I need a new outlet….the current and future Freezing Omanis should carry that torch, its their story now 🙂

For my life now…..well, its so different from what it was a year ago! im much more addicted to the outdoors and well……..why not start my first post with that?

I just got my new 4×4 so I thought, why not break it in with a camping trip in the desert! its the last bit of the season before the desert turns to a open space oven!!!

We gathered and left off…not many of us, just the 3 cars……but the second we got to the sands we had some real fun!!!


We set up the camp and it was nice, a bit warm so it was lazy to start with but once the sun got down the view got amazing!

DSC_3967 DSC_3966

The main reason why I love camping an the outdoors is the night sky…..the stars and the quiet isolation is just so calming! its always essential for me to get out and wind down and what better way than being disconnected while looking at an amazing campsite with a bunch of great friends!

DSC_3978 DSC_3990

The food and company were great but that view of the sands and the stars is amazing…..I don’t like to camp at campsites or anywhere near them for that reason, the light there just takes away from what you can see! …..well…..writing this makes me want to go back!

I even set up my sleeping bag on the car roof and slept under the stars, that’s the look I got from Breki in the morning….the “dude ur mad” look

DSC_4006 DSC_3993

Alas…..back to reality, but we had the best person to give us the desert send off! …..camel selfie anyone?


On our way back we found a man selling honey and fruit on the way…..the freshest things you could find!

DSC_4147 DSC_4150

It was just a simple weekend getaway and this is the perfect way to figure out how i’m going to start writing this blog 🙂