Discovering Everest……In Oman


How adventurous are you when it comes to food? would you try anything from most places? Well I would… The more local or exotic the dish is, the more I would like to try it!

There’s a hidden gem in Muscat that iv been going to for a while now and every time I bring someone there they keep questioning and wondering where im taking them….but after they try the food they always come back! The Everest cafe is a small and hidden cafe in Hamriya which serves my favorite dish….Momo’s …a Nepalese dumpling like dish which is completely different from anything you would have tried.

Why is it such a hidden gem? well for one…’s in an ally way in Hamriya….right by where the Al Fair was….you literally have to go through an ally in between buildings to find it, and for me…that’s part of the charm!

DSC_6063 DSC_6070

Once you find your way in ull see a small few seater shop….I like to go upstairs, its roomier and mostly no one goes there 🙂

This is what the upstairs looks like 🙂

DSC_6073 DSC_6071

I’m sure you are thinking after all these photos, why?  well simple….because it has my favorite meal in Oman…..I actually leave work sometimes, get stuck in traffic on the Hamriya rush hour which takes me an hour or so to get to Everest cafe to just eat and go back home!

Ull see a simple menu, with many different dishes, im going to discover a few more out of this place for the next time I blog about it, but for now…Ill just show you the one thing everyone comes here for….Momo’s

Momo’s are a dumpling like dish native to nepal, usually steamed or fried and served with a sesame sauce and a spicy chili sauce….your choice of filling, vegetable or chicken! my favorite is the chicken.


They are served with a soup, more like broth…which i like to just add a spoon of to the momo’s to add that extra flavor.


The beauty of Momo’s are in the sauce…..the sesame sauce adds a very unique flavor which iv not tasted before and its not spicy for those who don’t like spicy food 😛 …….The chili sauce however……well that’s going to blow a hole in your mouth (still an amazing sauce which I can never get enough of!)


The vegetable Momo’s are brilliant as well, actually the first time I had them, I didn’t even think they were vegetarian…..they are very filling too!


My usual order would include the steamed chicken Momo’s and another dish……Chili Momo’s

Don’t let the name scare you, they aren’t actually that spicy….iv had people who don’t eat much spicy food enjoy them 🙂 the sauce of the chili Momo’s is what makes them very unique, theyr fried so they have that extra crunch to them as well!


There you go, ull find me there a lot….so if you want to get there, you can find the place on foursquare (iv added it there)……its in the building after HSBC in the main hamriya road…before cleopatra (the phone shop) where the old Al Fair use to be….just got to the HSBC building and its in the ally way behind the main shops 🙂

Or you can just take me for a meal there 😛