A Ridiculously Romantic Dinner At Shangrila


You know……I really wouldn’t have thought that a traditional Arab country like Oman would be a seriously ridiculously romantic country?? But you know what…..it really is!!

Don’t take my word for it, I went to the Shangrila hotel for their full moon dinner event…..It was one of the highlights of this year for me!!!


We got there and we immediately were impressed by the beautiful lighting and setting… everything was just a wow factor…..we even had a table right in front of the band!!!

The service was really good, waiters came straight away and full of smiles! we even had a few interesting conversations with the staff there who were into photography!


And then the band started setting the mood for the ridiculously romantic evening! soft jazz and some great vocals, many people couldn’t resist taking off their shoes and slow dancing on the sand under the full moon! ….want a little hint? next time they do this take a few moments away and step out behind the bar….you can hear the beach and the jazz and you will really feel like you are in some sort of movie!

DSC_4258 - Copy DSC_4269 - Copy

The food and drinks are what you would expect out of shangrila, nice and fresh but the my favorite by far was the steak with the mushroom sauce!! The deserts were really nice too!


Oh and the waiters don’t skimp out on drinks……they keep coming to refill!

When the moon came out again it was just an amazing view…….food, jazz, a full moon….


After the dinner we decided to go for a walk by the beach, it was a little humid but the slight breeze was nice 🙂

DSC_4285L - Copy

I have to confess, I don’t usually go to the Shangrila because I often think that its too far, but after the full moon dinner, ill be making it a tradition to go there once every month on the full moon!