A Turkish Getaway


I absolutely love my job….so for those who know me, it wont be a surprise that Iv always cashed in my holidays…..This time I needed to take this because well….I cant cash it in anymore! So my family and I decided we would look for a new place to see…..and the dart fell on turkey!

Now half of Oman has been visiting this place since the advent of the new Turkish shows that have been showing up this side of the world, so we thought we wont go to the usual cities like Istanbul!

Our plane took off and I got worried to start with…..the people started rushing and crowding with no respect to ques or priority. …..but that faded away the second I saw turkey!  From the air its such a gorgeous place!
After 2 flights and no sleep at all, we got to Antalya, and it looked so green and mountainous…..my kind of place! I saw the glimmer of so many solar panels.


The hotel is a really cool concept,  sea life resort provides its guests with everything free of charge!  Food drinks, ice cream…..you name it, its yours! And the view is just stunning!


We went to the mall next as we just had a short time before we all were going to crash from the lack of sleep…but I woke up when I got there…..Barney Stinson would feel like he is in heaven! Suites are just gorgeous and very cheap! The quality is top notch too!! In a non related topic….I now have a suit pyjama and a suit swimming outfit.

Not much done apart from a walk later to see the city but the adventure is yet to begin…..we will follow the trail of waterfalls tomorrow and 4×4 through forest and water terrains the day after! Ill try to fit in an hour for jumping off the side of a mountain strapped to a kite at some point 🙂




A Second Glance

After spending some time in Turkey, I have to say……I have mixed feelings about the place.

It has great potential and some really great places but there are things that completely ruined it for me; for one….im absolutely sick of haggling over everything! including the food prices at restaurants!

secondly, while we did have some good times at the adventure trips, some of them were complete scams….a 4×4 trip pictured bashing through waters and going up some mountains in interesting terrain……we got a 1628 suzuki that the 4×4 didn’t work and the places we went to were the guide’s cousins house and his grandmas restaurant which they asked us in every stop to pay for something or the other…….

It’s really the first time I decided, im not that interested in coming back……

Non the less! The place had some amazing things to offer……..for a photographer like me, the waterfalls there make you want to stay the whole day around them!

DSC_6480 DSC_6515

Of course, you can’t forget Turkish coffee and the old Islamic architecture that has been made into shops! and the greek / roman ruins!

DSC_6703 DSC_6711DSC_6982

While the 4×4 trip was a total scam, our happy silly family wasted no time in just joking around and having fun! the view was great at 2 of the spots!

DSC_6832 DSC_6829 DSC_6773

And you cant forget the food……If I were to ever come back here, I would make it a point to invest all my time having the clotted cream and natural honey for breakfast!

DSC_7141 DSC_6929

If all else fails, then just relax in the woods on the mountain, get up there in a telefreak (and don’t forget the selfie) or enjoy a gorgeous sunset!

DSC_7216 DSC_7059 DSC_6743